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Learn Chinese

Learning Mandarin is getting more popular since China has opened up. It takes time and perseverance to master the Chinese language. Try the different sources to help you along the way with your Chinese studies.

learn chinese

General Chinese Lessons

Lessons to start learning basic Chinese. Take it one step at a time.

Chinese Writing

Writing Chinese characters is a process of doing it again and again. Start with one character a day.

Learn Chinese Podcasts

Chinese podcasts to study mandarin. Play them on your mp3 player and learn.

Chinese Listening

Stories and tone drills. Listen online.

Chinese Reading

Read a little bit of Chinese. Newsinchinese is especially a good way.

Chinese Flashcards

A good assisitance for learning is the use of Chinese flashcards. They help you memorize new and old characters.

Chinese Idioms

Idioms consist of 4 characters, yet have a meaning of many words and are ingrained with Chinese culture.

Study Chinese Online


Practice pronunciation & tones! Self-learning via voice recognition 7/24. Sign up for 7-day free trial now.

Learn to Count in Chinese

Miscll. Chinese Lessons

Chinese Grammar

Cantonese Lessons

Shangainese Lessons

Chinese Language Forums

Share your questions and answers with other students of Chinese.

Chinese Mobile Lessons

Study Chinese on your mobile phone.

Chinese Fun

Chinese Lyrics

Translations of Chinese lyrics.

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Chinese Browser Add ons

Add ons for Firefox and Internet Explorer. These add ons annotate Chinese text. Very useful.

Chinese Computing

How to read in your Western-language version of Microsoft or Mac.

Chinese Learning Software

Free downloadable software to use on your desktop.